The Lawns Indoor Bowls Club - Question and Answers

How can I learn to play?
The club offers free coaching. Beginners, usually need 3 or 4 sessions of about one hour duration to become sufficiently proficient to engage in club bowling.

Is it a difficult game to learn to play?
The game of Bowls is very simple in concept and not difficult to understand. Most people will achieve a good standard of play quite quickly but it takes a lot of skill and practice to play consistently at a high standard.

Can I play bowls if I am disabled?
Indeed you can! There are special wheelchairs with wide wheels that can go on the greens, artificial arms with grips for those that cannot bend and there are also bowling sessions for the partially blind.

What opportunities are there as one becomes more proficient?
Your local club "The Lawns" is an affiliated member of the Middlesex County Indoor Bowls Association that run their own county competitions which in turn is affiliated to the English Indoor Bowling Association that run national competitions. Both men and ladies players from Middlesex clubs have advanced to play international bowls for their country.

Can one play all the year round? 
The Indoor season usually starts at the beginning of October and continues on for 7 months through to the end of April.

What equipment do I need?
Initially, all that you require is a pair of flat-soled (heel-less) shoes. Everything else is likely to be available on loan from the club.

Should I get a set of bowls?
Do not buy a set of bowls until you have had some experience of bowling with the various types of bowl and received some advice from your club coach. A good set of bowls can be purchased second-hand from £30-£50 or buy a new set from £140-£200, after you have been playing for a few weeks.

How do I get started?
Contact our local secretary at The Lawns:
Eric Pelling:
2 Lulworth Court
13 Cannon Hill
London, N14 7DJ
Tel: 020 8882 3803